Friday, October 2, 2009

The Influences ;]

Celebrities have a big influence on our fashion sense, and one person who is quite new to fame but has had such a big influence on our fashion is Lady Gaga. Love her or Hate her, everyone knows her fashion sense is very unique and to be honest i think most people, including me, respect her for that. She has the confidence to go out in just a leotard. Her are some leotards that are available to buy which is probably because of Lady Gaga. On the left is one from top shop and if i am honest i actually quite like even though i don't know if i would actually wear it. lol. Not on its own anyway. If i did wear it i would probably wear it with jeans or something. Here is anthor one:

This one is quite plain (below) but is quite nice. I don't think i would wear it outside though.
Thank you for reading